Hike and Pie


Do you know what lives in your backyard, or in your local park? Have you noticed birds, butterflies, and flowers, yet wondered about their names and the role they play in nature? Come join us for “a hike and pie” at the end of an exciting day of cataloging species to celebrate the biodiversity of Silvoor Biological Sanctuary, near Oxford, Ohio. A Bioblitz will be going on all afternoon, using a popular phone app, iNaturalist, and local volunteers to identify plants, insects, birds, and more!

At 4:00, we will meet at the Peffer Park pavilion (directions below), take a hike through this beautiful riparian forest, then return to the pavilion to share what was identified through the day, and to enjoy some pie and coffee. We at the Trust subscribe to the great advice to “Eat dessert first”, at least on this one fall day!

Silvoor Biological Sanctuary is a mix of private and public properties that is well known for its spring ephemeral wildflower walks. However, the clearing of honeysuckle and other invasive plants from this riparian forest, plus the perpetual preservation of the habitat through Three Valley Conservation Trust easements, provides hope that this preserve can remain a hub of biodiversity for the Oxford area for a long time. Check out the Three Valley Conservation Trust website at www.3vct.org for Bioblitz events and times or to learn more about how the Trust protects land through public and private partnerships on easements.

Google directions here.

Peffer Park, Oxford, OH 45056